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Imagine a game where you fly a ship with a crew through a dark and in eloquently divided galaxy. The ship can have a hull model of a wide variety and customized weapons and functions. Now imagine that each and every individual crew member has a story, a uniquely defined set of abilities based on their experiences and roles within the crew. Now imagine taking that crew onto a space station, maybe infested with feral life forms, or that of a competing economic/cultural/religious claim. Your team based on its composition of its members will have to look for clues as to progress to their desired goal, hacking into terminals, hunting down bounties, and sneaking about as not to be noticed. When you finally come face to face with your enemies, each of your crew will have to utilize their individual combat prowess in order to maintain your teams integrity.

PrototypeA: Herein you will find the prototype for the space flier, simply the bare bones of the idea manifested. Simply pick a ship, (the rest doesn't do anything noticeable) fly around shoot things, maybe land on a space station, grab a new ship by maneuvering to the hangar and selecting ship, try it out and repeat.

All controls are present on screen. Utilize Q to fire your weapon, and T,G,B,Y,H,N,U,J,M to operate your thrusters. Hope you enjoy!!!

Check out the sequel Prototype: https://sirhc208.itch.io/spacetimecontinumb

Artists: Phajtjesuz


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